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  • Sawston Community Hub

Last Winter Our Lady of Lourdes parish registered its church hall as a Warm Hub' - part of the government initiative to provide warm communal spaces for people during the period of escalating energy costs.


Over forty volunteers from OLOL, Sawston Free Church and St Mary's Anglican Church came forward to staff the hub.  Sadly, on most days, volunteers outnumbered guests and so it was decided to move the hub to Footprints Community Café based at Sawston Free Church.


Such was the success of this move that funding continued beyond the '22/23' Winter and right up to October 2023.  The café has hosted many community events and is a thriving 'not for profit' community hub.  In fact OLOL is holding its seniors' Christmas Lunch at Footprints on 9th December.  


Anyone who would like to volunteer at Footprints can message Kevin McMullen.

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