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Visiting and Supplying Clergy

Supply priest and visiting clergy

from inside

England and Wales

As a member of the Catholic Church, Our Lady of Lourdes and Saint John Fisher welcomes the clergy who come to our Parish to visit their friends or family members. They are more than welcome to concelebrate or assist at Mass or other liturgical celebrations.

Sometimes the parish priest may need help from priests / deacons from outside the Diocese.

They may be religious or diocesan.

Whether they are concelebrating, assisting, or supplying, please contact the Diocese of East Anglia (The Vicar General or the private secretary of the Bishop), prior to their arrival, to make sure that they have permission to function in the Diocese. The Parish Priest does not have the authority to allow the unauthorised clergy to perform any liturgical / sacramental celebrations within the boundaries of the Parish.

Please download the diocesan instructions for more information.

Supply priest and visiting clergy

from outside

England and Wales

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